R.A. / Dec. – Constellation

02 22 04.773 +50 38 13.32 – AND

Suspected nature of object
Galactic nebula or planetary nebula.

A blueish glow around the star 2MASS J02220484+5038130 which is visible on several plates. DSS2RED shows more nebulosity stretching outward. Further inspection of the area in WISE bands clearly shows an elongated patch of about 15 minutes of arc long, widening up toward the southwest end.

A 1.5 degree widefield WISE view of the area shows more nebulosity in the SW direction. .

Discovery date, plate or visually
15 april 2023, plate



AllWISE FoV 15′ image

PanSTARRS DR1 color (FoV 15′)

DSS 2 15′ FoV:

DSS2 Blue:

DSS2 Red:

WISE 1.3 DEG image

1.3 DEG WISE color :

WISE 3-Color image 15 arcmin

WISE band 4

WISE band 3

WISE band 2

WISE band 1

20′ x 20′ images generated by Astroplanner:


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