29P/Schwassmann-Wachmann (P/1908 IV)

Discovered by Arnold Schwassmann
Arno Arthur Wachmann
Discovery date November 15, 1927
Alternative designations 1908 IV; 1927 II; 1941 VI;
1957 IV; 1974 II; 1989 XV
Orbital characteristics  
Orbital period 14.65
Dimensions 60.4 ± 7.4 km
Last perihelion March 7, 2019
Next perihelion October 31, 2033
04/11/2020 – C11 Edge – 30x120s – ASI 071 mc pro

Early october 2021 this comet was reported to be in outburst. I managed to follow up the comet during 3 consecutive nights. 

Superimposing these three pictures clearly shows the movement and dynamics of this peculiar comet. 

I had another follow-up on this comet on 28/10/2021, the coma appears much fainter, but the nucleus is showing a slight V-shaped detail.

And yet another chance to follow up on this comet: 

The nucleus is showing some nice detail, a V- shaped area is visible:


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