NGC 6888 – Crescent Nebula

NGC 6888, commonly referred to as the Crescent Nebula, graces the constellation Cygnus with its celestial elegance. This nebula is a mesmerizing example of the dynamic interplay between stars and the surrounding cosmic environment.

Crescent Nebula Charm: NGC 6888 gets its popular name from its distinctive crescent shape, which is visible in certain observations. This shape is created by the interaction of a high-speed stellar wind and the surrounding interstellar material.

Stellar Dynamics: At the heart of NGC 6888 lies a Wolf-Rayet star, a massive and evolved star that emits a powerful stellar wind. This wind collides with the slower-moving material ejected from the star during its earlier stages, giving rise to the nebula’s intricate structure.

Cosmic Artistry: NGC 6888’s intricate formation showcases the complex forces at play in the cosmos. The nebula’s colors and patterns offer a striking visual representation of the universe’s dynamic processes.

Stellar Enrichment: The creation of planetary nebulae like NGC 6888 plays a vital role in enriching the cosmos with heavy elements, which are vital for the formation of new stars, planets, and even life.

Observational Delight: Viewing NGC 6888 through telescopes unveils its celestial beauty, allowing astronomers and stargazers to appreciate the intricate dance of light and matter on a cosmic canvas.


Only 12x300s – this was a test shot. The Esprit 120 has been equipped with the asi 533 MC pro camera. This camera gives a narrower field of view while keeping a better sampling factor.

Unfortunately, the autofocus routine didn’t work as planned, and only the first hour of the entire night was focused. But that is exactly what full moon nights are useful for: tuning the setup.


2 days later I added extra data to it, and got this, 2 hours of integration… not too bad!



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