R.A. / Dec. – Constellation
05 50 54.788 +20 14 47.72 – ORI

Suspected nature of object
Reflection nebula


While hunting for asteroids in ZTF images, I found some nebulosity around one of the stars in the search field.
North down, West left.
Identification star: HBHA 2215-04 or UCAC4 552-019438

Panstarrs/DR1 image:

ESE of this star is another star with some slight nebulosity around it, pointing towards the first star. (2mass 05504230+2015529)

The nebula is roughly circular, with a slightly sharper edge on one half and is about 3.15′ in diameter.

Discovery date, plate or visually
23 march 2022, plate



10′ x 10′ images by Astroplanner:




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