LBN 331 – Cygnus Waves

LBN 331, or the “Cygnus Waves” resides in the constellation Cygnus, neighboring the star 32 Cyg. This celestial spectacle tells a dramatic tale of stellar destruction and rebirth.

This region of the night sky bears witness to a cosmic explosion—a supernova. In the distant past, a massive star met its explosive end here. The cataclysmic event unleashed a burst of energy, scattering the outer layers of the star into space. The shockwave from the explosion continues to expand, interacting with the surrounding interstellar medium.

LBN 331 is a testament to the incredible forces at play in the universe. It’s a reminder of the star’s fiery demise, which, in turn, enriches the interstellar environment with heavy elements forged in the heart of the supernova. These elements are the building blocks of future stars and planets.

This image was taken on 2 consecutive nights, under the dark skies of La palma.


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