NGC 3576 – The Statue of Liberty Nebula

NGC 3576, affectionately known as the Statue of Liberty Nebula, is an awe-inspiring emission nebula nestled within the constellation Carina. Its nickname arises from its uncanny resemblance to the iconic Statue of Liberty, with a striking pillar of gas appearing as the statue’s flowing robes and a prominent star cluster resembling the statue’s torch.

Emission Nebula Elegance: The Statue of Liberty Nebula’s allure lies in its dazzling emission of light. The nebula’s vivid colors, predominantly a result of hydrogen gas, are energized by the radiant glow of nearby young stars.

Carina’s Celestial Treasures: This celestial wonder resides within the constellation Carina, adding to the constellation’s roster of breathtaking cosmic phenomena. Carina’s skies are adorned with stellar nurseries and captivating sights that beckon observers.

Cosmic Cradle: NGC 3576 is a crucible of star formation. Within its swirling gas and dust, the seeds of new stars are sown, gradually developing into protostars that will illuminate the cosmos in the future.

Stellar Sculpting: The intense radiation and winds from these budding stars have sculpted the surrounding nebular material, giving rise to the intricate shapes and textures that make the Statue of Liberty Nebula a captivating celestial portrait.

Stargazing Delight: The Statue of Liberty Nebula is a favorite among astronomers and astrophotographers who seek to capture its intricate beauty. Its symbolic resemblance to a cherished cultural icon adds an extra layer of fascination.


Imaged at Deepskysafaris Rooisand Desert Ranch, Namibia – TS100Q, Asi 071mc pro.



Image taken wit a 72mm ED apo and asi 533 on 2022/06/02 – 47×300



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