Simeiz 22

Simeiz 22, also known as SH2-188, The Dolphin, Shrimp or Fire Fox Nebula,  is like a twinkling jewel in the constellation Cassiopeia. Imagine a cosmic painting made of colorful gases, illuminated by a star’s last hurrah.

Picture this: a star, similar to our Sun, grows old and releases its outer layers into space. Its bright core sends out energy that makes the surrounding gas light up in different colors – red, green, and blue. This glowing cloud forms Simeiz 22, creating a breathtaking celestial sight.

What’s fascinating is that this process isn’t just about the star itself. It’s a reminder of how everything in the universe is connected. Stars, even in their final moments, play a part in the bigger cosmic story, leaving behind these beautiful scenes for us to admire. Simeiz 22, in its glowing dance, invites us to think about the incredible cycles that happen in space and how even the smallest parts contribute to the grand picture of the universe.


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