UGC 3697 – Integral Sign Galaxy

Hey space fans! Ever heard of UGC 3697? It’s a galaxy that’s not like the others – it actually looks like a big math symbol!

Galaxies are groups of stars hanging out together. Our galaxy is called the Milky Way, and it’s like our cosmic neighborhood.

Now, picture a galaxy that’s shaped like a math sign you might learn later in school. UGC 3697 looks like the ∫ symbol. Imagine a big “S” made of stars in the sky – that’s it, the Integral Sign Galaxy!

Just like clay gets shaped into cool stuff, galaxies can change shape too. UGC 3697 might have its shape because of how it grew up over billions of years.

Even though it looks like a math symbol, there’s still so much we don’t know about UGC 3697. Scientists use huge telescopes to study galaxies, like cosmic detectives. They’re trying to figure out why this galaxy looks this way and what secrets it holds.

UGC 3697 reminds us that space is full of surprises. It’s like finding cool shapes in clouds, but way bigger and more mysterious. This galaxy makes scientists excited to keep exploring and learn more about space’s secrets.

Next time you look up at the night sky, think about UGC 3697 – the galaxy that’s showing us a bit of math among the stars. It’s like a cosmic playground with so much to discover!


Taken on 2 nights, at first Quarter Moon. Also in frame: UGC 3701, PGC 20412, PGC 213372 (mag 17,7!!)

with exploded view of the galaxy:


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