LBN 468 – Loop Of Darkness

LBN 468 – Loop Of Darkness

LBN 468, also known as the “Loop of Darkness,” is a complex of dark nebulae that includes LDN 1147, LDN 1148, LDN 1152, LDN 1157, and LDN 1158. These dark nebulae are regions of space where dust and cold molecular gas block the light from background stars, creating distinct dark patches in the sky.

The “Loop of Darkness” is a fascinating region for astronomers and astrophotographers, as it provides an opportunity to study the interstellar dust and gas that can play a role in the formation of stars and planetary systems. Dark nebulae like these are often associated with ongoing or future star formation.

Image taken on 2 nights, under the pristeen dark skies of the island of La palma.


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