LDN 1235 – The Dark Shark

LDN 1235, known informally as “the Dark Shark,” resides in the constellation Cepheus, adding a touch of cosmic mystique to the northern night sky. This enigmatic entity is not your typical celestial sight—it’s a dark nebula, a realm of cosmic obscurity and intrigue.

Dark nebulae like LDN 1235 are like the universe’s shadowy tapestries. They appear dark and foreboding because they are filled with dense dust and frigid molecular gases. These cosmic clouds act as cosmic veils, blocking the light from stars and other luminous objects behind them, creating a captivating interplay of light and shadow.

In the grand cosmic theater, LDN 1235 is a stellar nursery in the making. Deep within its shrouded depths, the cold gas and dust are poised to clump together under the influence of gravity, birthing new stars. These newborn stars, once ignited, will eventually pierce the darkness, illuminating their celestial birthplace.

This image was captured in 2 nights under the pristeen skies of the La Palma Dark Sky Reserve, in the shadow of the GranTeCan, at this moment the largest physical telescope on the planet.


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