Possible meteorite fall in AALST!!!

On 22 january 2021 at approx. 06:52 UT (07:52 local time), a bright fireball was seen over Flanders.


See IMO report, video and photographs here:

Belgian fireball on January 22


Vigi-ciel report here:

Bolide belge du 22 janvier 2021

The fireball was also captured by the cameras of the Fripon network, which was able to plot a trajectory:

The observations of the fireball showed that fragments up to 100 grams might have survived the entry.








This resulted in the plotting of this strewn field, between Aalst and a small village further North. (image left) More detailed simulations further specify the possible meteorite fall locations (image right)







The trajectory also made it possible to determine the orbit of the object before it collided with Earth. It is believed to be Asteroidal in origin, with an orbit between Venus and Mars.

image credits: vigi-ciel.org; Fripon.


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