Progress in the home observatory…

Eyes on the sky!!

The menu page “all sky” is now showing the live view continuously. Images will be updated every 15 minutes

The all sky setup is still undergoing some testing, awaiting its final placement on the roof. The setup consists of a ZWO ASI 224 MC camera in a waterproof box, dew heaters, and a mini pc under the hood. Images between sunset and sunrise are recorded and saved. Every morning the “Allskeye” software makes a movie and transfers it to my server. Automatic Meteor Detection is running during operation and saves the detection image + both the previous and next image so accidental trails can be identified.

A strong base!

The pier was fitted with the Ioptron pier top plate. It is now ready to mount the CEM 60. Now it will undergo some testing to see if it is stable enough for astrophotography. This will cut back on setup time, allowing me to leave the telescope outside for longer periods of time, or take off the scope and leave the mount polar aligned.


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